FTP error setting when upgrading


I am trying to upgrade to the new version but having issue with the ftp connection.

I am using godaddy as the hosting account.

I assume i have populated the correct info

hostname: ftp.xxxxx.com



What should the diretory be if it on the root directory. Should i put a forward slas / or leave black? Because godaddy does not have the public_html folder.


Are you having a problem with the upgrade center for non-ftp upgrades? If not, just leave all the ftp stuff blank and let it get the data over http instead.

I am doing the upgrade through the Cs-Cart Admin panel. Should I leave this blank when i am doing it via the upgrade section of cs-cart?


If you leave the FTP fields blank then it will use http to do the updates. Depending on your server this may or may not work. If you have to fill in your FTP info then you would want to remove the ftp:// from the host name for starters. The directory for linux servers is generally /public_html when using FTP and your store is in the web root.