Front Page New Button ? - Show Only In Stock

I want to give my visitors the option to see all stock or just stock that is available to buy (in stock).

This is important for me store because I want to show what items I normally stock. The problem is the “out of stock” list will always be bigger then the “in stock” list and this means if I simply use the admin option “show out of stock items” the site will be filled with more unavailable then available and I don’t think the customer will stick around for long.

So what I want is a simple prominent button say “Hide Out Of Stock Items” this way those people looking for information can browser all items and those looking for specific items can browse only in stock items.

For Seo reasons I would want all items the default.

Hello Kickoff3pm,

[quote name=‘kickoff3pm’]For Seo reasons I would want all items the default.[/QUOTE]

You can show/hidden some products based on IP (customers or bot), however this is black hat SEO.

What bot see is what customers get.

But that’s just my 2 cents…

Lee Li Pop