front page images


how would i go about inserting images on my home page like the below link? these images would have links to the respective product.

Currently i would have to create a table in html with the images in it and paste it in a block and put it on my home page… but even then it doesn’t seem to layout as smooth. I created the below in photoshop…

any suggestions?

THank YOU!


upload the images as banners? then using the grids / blocks to make your preferred layout

then assign a single banner to each block using 'original' as the setting.

The images can be made to link to products etc in the banners section

I dont follow you with the “grids” part.


depending on your cs-cart version (2.x or 3.0) you have different block managment system.

If you use 2.x then you can open first a group ( you should orientation horizontal) and then place blocks inside that group, and by setting the width in px or % you can create placeholders for your banners

Fot example 3 banners with following widths 30% - 50% - 20% (they addup to 100%).

So in your case you need 2 groups in the central area, one above another, and then place inside in each one 3 blocks that are so wide as your banners. Then you placa your banners in the blocks. (more on blocks and banners CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation)

Same rule applies to version 3 but now groups are named grids and you may also set their length in the 960grid rule. That is 1 to 16 pieces. All the grids in one line should addup to 16. Then you place your block inside each grid.

Hop this helps.


Thank you so much for the help Fotis! I do have one other question… how would I go about stacking images…like the example I have attached? on the right…i have the creature, then thrasher… I think for the bottom three i can just do as you mentioned…but the two on top of each other i’m confused on how to do that…

Thank you again!!


you can make a new block and then fill it with two banners.

Just set the width to what you want and dont forget to set orientetion vertical in order to have the one on top of the other.