Front and Last name not showing in Orders

hi after all updates the name and last name is not showing anymore in the backend and on the packingslip and invoice
how to fix this

many thx all


Please to which version you have upgraded your store? Also please let me know if the profile fields from the Shipping address section are used at the checkout?

hi to the latest version
all checkout are there and also a must to enter it but alot off times i dont see the namens and also not the adres

added 2 images same day order one is ok other not ok and this happen alot
this is the settings from the checkout all needed to be entered

the settings


In order to not violate GDPR and any other local legislation, I strongly recommend you to blur or completely hide private data of your customers from the provided screenshots.

As for this issue, I’m afraid there are no such known issues, so I recommend you to contact us directly via Help Desk, so we can examine it in your installation.