From Sub-Domain To A Different Domain (Is Changing Logs Directory Needed?)


So I installed a cscart on a domain and I have a few sub-domains that i used to build each store. Right now one of the stores is ready to go live and I'm working on moving it to the official domain (on the same server).

On the documentation here

under "Way 3. Different Domain (" they changed the document root to where cs-cart was installed.

I added the new domain to my server and changed the web directory but it won't allow me to change the "logs directory" changing the logs directory also needed?

I have already changed the Storefront URL from the sub-domain to the official domain.

Thank you

Can you clarify please? You stated you have a main (production) domain ( and you have several storefronts (, You stated that these are all located in some other document root or localhost and want to move them to your production site.

Not sure why you didn't just use your production site and close the storefronts that you don't want to allow access to until you're done development.

The 'logs' directory can be hosting dependent. There is no logs directory within cs-cart so that is something you'll have to work with your hosting about.

Suggest ou use the 'close store' setting in Administration/General to manage various storefronts (main site included). Much easier than trying to shuffle everything after you've completed/tested your work.

Some clients can't decide on a domain yet and some want to see the website remotely so I didn't know how else to approach it since I'm new with cs-cart.

I'm using the ultimate version of the license so the cs-cart is installed under one domain but I'm hosting each site under a different domain.

My hosting said that their logs directory only holds the access.log and error logs files.

Right now the DNS on the domain has been updated and when you visit the website the installation process comes up. So it's pointed toward the document root folder but I guess it is not accessing the store?

DNS should be pointed to the same IP for all storefronts (or at least those domains within the site need to have the same document root).

If you're work domain is and you want to show a client their site at and have access both the Admin and the storefront, then you need to have '' as the http[s]_host in config.local.php and have the storefront url set to Then when you want to move the site to, You create that document root. Move the files into it and then modify config.local.php http[s]_host to be and change the storefront URL to be

Depending on access, you might need to dump/import the database and change the $db_name in config.local.php as well.

Make sure you manually clear the cache by removing var/cache and all it's sub-directories/fiels.

Thank you for the help bud!
I just figured it out and I'm so excited!
When you add the domain you need to make sure that it does NOT add the "www" to the domain. If you remove the "www" the site will show up. Took me an entire day but I learned something new. Phew! :D