From Local to Server


I developed a CS-Cart 1.3.5SP4 on local WAMP server… Now I uploaded to my server, changing required fields in “config.php” accordingly.

I can access my website, all images are shown, all product pages work… BUT… I can’t access admin area and also I can’t access as user (tried many accounts) into store…

If I try to access…nothing happens.

Also If I try to register a new account…when I click “confirm” button…nothin happens and I get a new blank registration form page…

Any ideas about this, please?

It works fine locally…



Delete everything under /var/compiled.

Delete cookies

Ensure that you have the correct .htaccess file in the store directory if you have SEO turned on.

Ensure that you’ve made all changes to the config file correctly.


Many thanks Jesse! You were right! Cookies… :o)

Best regards