From Categories To Tags Or Features? What's The Limit In Tags Or Variants?

I've searched all over the forum, but can't find an immediate answer to a critical question.. or at least, not a current answer.

We currently have categories in use that *I* (Yvana) deem to be invaluable as I used to be a documentalist / literature researcher in a former life, but apparently are deemed as clutter by my precious partner and our designer consultant..
These categories fall under the main category 'ingredients' and obviously are all listing ingredients.

I have NO intention to give up on the ability to quickly find whatever ingredient I am searching for.

However, I don't mind giving up the idea of listing ingredients in categories, they might be tags or features.

Tags have the
+ advantage of being easy to create, not sure how easy they can be searched for or even filtered.
- disadvantage of being 'butt'-ugly in this current store.. we are not planning though to pay through the nose *again* to have a pretty tag cloud as we used to have in our former non-CS Cart store.

Putting ingredients in features would solve our problems as they can be filtered.

However , I did almost the exact same thing a while ago , except it wasn't for active ingredients but for non-active ingredients and had to abort the a matter of fact I deleted the feature itself, because after xx variants I couldn't add more of them.. there was a physical limitation to the amount.
I think the limit was about 100 as I saw in a very old topic that never got updated.

Is this limit still true for version 4.3.6 (the first effort was in 4.3.3.)? Also someone reported (s)he was able to go over 100 when adding them directly t server level.

What's your experience ?

Mariya from technical support gave the answer: it has to be changed in config.php
. Open the config.php file in the root directory of the store installation.
2. Find the lines:
// These constants define when select box with product feature variants list should be replaced with picker
define('PRODUCT_FEATURE_VARIANTS_THRESHOLD', 40); // if number of product feature variants less than this value, all product feature variants will be retrieved, otherwise product features variants will be retrieved by ajax
3. Replace 40 with the approximate number of feature variants you have.