Fresh install of 2.2.4 admin panel login failure

I just installed a bran new install of the CScart 2.2.4 Community edition. When I attempted to login to the admin panel with the default “admin” and password “admin” I get looped back to the login panel and I can never get in. I don't get any error messages.

I've looked through the entire forum for similar issues and done what is recommended by what I found (checked permissions, and deleted the cache and compiled folders) did not get me into the control panel.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate them.

Thank you.

Check if the login is asking for an email address or a username.

Clear your browser cookies for all references to the domain you are trying to login to. The cart can't create the session for some reason and with no session, you can't get logged in.

Bran new install. Username and password are admin and admin. I have not had a chance to change them.

I've also tried it on four different computers and deleted the cookies and history on all every time with the same results.

So neither of those work.

whats the message it throws up (if any)

If it's the issue with sessions, then it doesn't give any message, but entering a bad password will generate the notification. But otherwise, it just returns to the login screen. Blasting all the coolies was the only solution I found. Helpdesk might be able to provide others. Seems they must be busy with V3 since I've not seen a post from them here in the forums for quite a while.