Fresh install 4.15 Free hangs

As the title, this just hangs on install.
At first I thought it was my localhost test server, pushed the files to one of my root servers running Nginx+PHP FPM, exactly same, checked requirements, dropped PHP down to 7.4, still a no go.

Get a PHP Fatal on:
Uncaught Error: Class ‘Twig\TokenParser\ApplyTokenParser’ not found

Then just to confirm my sanity, I installed my pro version, no problems with that on local/remote test servers.

Is this just me or anyone else having this?
Why not just use my Pro license then, not yet, this is a new venture and not going to put an expensive license on it which could be used for different projects.



It seems like the distributive was unpacked not if full, or the archive with distributive has been damaged during download and is missing some core files. Could you please try to download it again, unpack and try to install anew?


Thanks, that is strange, re-downloaded it yesterday, no different (file size 91,429), today, 94,696) and that has now installed.


Glad to know that you have managed to perform the installation :slight_smile: