Freight / Shipping Question

The store i am building has cases of wine for sale and freight charges per case is say $10

So i have set up the shipping method with a rate value of $10 per item under Items dependencies.

How do i set it up so that if the user spends over $300 they get a discounted rate of $5 per item?

e.g. The cost of a case is $180. if i add 2 cases to my cart, total cost would be $360 + shipping of $20 but since the subtotal is over $300, shipping would be $10 instead.

I tried setting up a rate value of -50% for Products cost more than $300 under Cost dependencies but that just takes 50% off the the products total and not the shipping total.

e.g. The cost of a case is $180. I add 2 cases to my cart, total cost would is $360 + shipping of $20 - $180 (-50% of $360)

So in short the question i'm asking is can you change the rate per item based on the products total cost?

I am afraid, there is no such ability. Additional code modifications are required

Hi ketutg,

We agree with eComLabs, a custom modification is necessary. Let us know if you'd like to have a quote.

Best regards,