Freelancer or Company for modifications

Dear Mr,

This is the modification that I would like to do for my perfume shop.

Cs-cart modification in AD NEW PRODUCT

  • Extra field for category (man, woman, unisex) in product (extra categoty will appear as dropdown option in product editing/adding , and wi’ll appear in product page (storefront), next to title, one tab away

    Ex: Bulgari BLV woman see [url][/url], or under the product see [url][/url]
  • Extra characteristic field for product (options like Eau de perfume, Eau de toilette, Eau de cologne)
  • Add a field for Entrance Price, The Price that I buy from others , not listed on site, but use don admin area. Tweaks in admin are : promotions and product Price can’t be lower than the entry Price.
  • Adding sub products of a product. If a perfume has different weights , let’s say 10, 1 is the default the 9 other show on his page as sub products. Sub products have same picture but the other fields can be edited by admin.
  • Is stock is 0 , product shows unavailable and order card, buyer is notified that delivery will take a Little bit longer.

    Cs-cart Modifications in MANAGE products.
  • Two fields, buy price and profit. Buy price si editable, profit is price minun buy price (buy price is entry price/ Entrance Price discrabed already).
  • In case diference beetween Entrance Price and order price diference is negative, script will use a formula to adapt the price or promotion.
  • On product orders, the products that have been ordered but are not in stock (out of stock order) must be queried somewhere in page with a buton. The price must go on minus in manage products if the product has been ordered out of stock!

    CS-cart modification in ORDERS – SALES REPORT

    A module to show different math calculations, of profit, sales differences, etc…an inventory for the accountant.

    Profit equals difference between the sales Price (Price that shows on website) and buy (entry price).

    Thank you very much for your quickly answer.

    Best regards,

    Vicentiu Marinescu