Free Zeus To Apache Advice - Worked For Us

Just some of my free personal advice, feel free to discard with morning coffee. Basically we have had major issues getting SEO plug in to work. Switched over to an Apache server and worked straight away (well one day of testing and changing a few things but nothing major). Just wanted to advise this as we have wasted alot of time trying to get SEO working when we were on Zeus. Also the changeover wasn’t too hard, our provider helped, and the time in changeing over was far less than the time we have spent trying to get that add on to work. I suspect as well that if this add on works so much better on Apache I am guessing that it is probably better to get your cart on an Apache server due to possible other add ons in future which may work better on Apache. Know it’s not always possible but that’s just what I have found after using CS-Cart for a number of years and having issues like this severly limiting the site; Google really doesn’t like those dynamic type URLS. Good Luck

Thanks for the advice but did you not see this in addons

"SEO (requires Apache + mod_rewrite installed) "

at least you got it sorted but it would have saved you some headaches.

Good luck


What were the advantages of zeus?

I can imagine using litespeed, but I have never heard of zeus.