free xml sitemap mod?


i need to submit an xml sitemap to google.I found this thread wich talks about a MOD, [url][/url] ,but for some reason it was removed,please i need help with this…:confused:

Are you asking about 2.x or 1.3.5 sp4?

If your talking about 2.x than Snorocket’s addon group has one available. I don’t know if you have to donate first or what, but you can get more information at:

You could also contact Snorocket here on the forum.

I also believe that there is going to be a sitemap generator in version 2.0.9 which is supposed to be out sometime soon.

If your talking about 1.3.5 sp4 than I have a copy of this mod and am willing to share it since I believe it was free anyways.

Let me know,