Free version

I have installed the free version of the software. I have two questions.

  1. Will the free version allow me to change backgrounds and save themem changes? When iclick save after changes it reverts back to original theme colors. Will i need to chmod one of the directorys to allow this to work?

  2. With the free version can i have multiple stores with different store fronts and themes?

    Thanks in advance!

    This software is very cool and having fun with it so far.


Hi dogfall, I know you can customize the free template, it sounds like you might just have some permissions errors, you aren't the only one reporting the theme editor isn't saving changes, I would search around for some troubleshooting tips for that problem.

As far as multiple storefronts, no - the free version is limited to one storefront with limited add ons and features. I believe you can still create different themes, just not different storefronts.


  1. Yes, you can customize you the, you are not allowed to remove the link from footer this is the only restriction
  2. Yes, you can have multiple storefronts on free edition

    You can see a full compare of the editions here

    I hope that helps,


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