Free V4 Addon - Email Logging

For the next two weeks we will be offering our Email Logging addon free of charge to those desiring it for V4. We are doing this to essentially beta test our new build environment and distribution model for V4.

It is a simple addon without customer or admin templates. It creates an entry in the system log for every email sent from your cart with the option of adding BCC addresses for all emails.

Since this is our first V4 addon product, we will roll it out slowly so we can address any issues that may surface, so please be patient with us… It has been unit tested against the V4 demo store and should be both Ultimate and MVE compatible.

Simply goto [url=“Email Logging”][/url], add to your cart and complete the checkout process. A license key will be provided in separate email but please be certain to specify V4 and the edition you are requesting (along with number of storefronts). Our license policies will be enforced through license verification.

We have created a compatibility table at [url=“”]EZ Merchant Ecommerce solutions. As you can see, it's not an easy task to support cs-cart from an addon developer standpoint. Unlike previous versions, we are not able to provide free upgrades to V4. We will provide discounts to existing addon customers who want addons they've perviously purchased for V4, but we will not be able to continue our free upgrade policy as with past versions.

We will be adding new addons based on purchase history (and the poll above). I.e. the most popular will be done first. If you have a request for one of our existing addons to be supported in V4, please drop us a note to and we will add your request to our list.

We appreciate any feedback on the purchase process along with the installation process and of course for the operation/useability of the addon itself.

A typical log entry will look something like: