Free Trial User - Question Top Menu


I have installed the trial and currently the top menu (blocks/topmenu_dropdown.tpl) is showing the contents of my categories, from what I have seen this seems to be the standard way it works, but is there away to change it?

I would like to manually add these links as I would like a mix of what my categories and the pages I have added under Contents. The reason being I want to use it more as a website with a couple of products, so just as you normally would have I would like the pages in the main menu.

If this is possible please would someone be kind enough to advise me how to do it :)



In Design>Menu, click Add Menu to create a new menu. Then click Manage Items and add whatever you want to it - categories, pages, or custom URL's.

In Design>Blocks, on your 'All Pages (Default)' tab, delete the original 'Top Menu' block.

In the grid the Top Menu block was in, click the + symbol and Add Block, name it 'Top Menu'. Click the 'Create New Block' tab and select 'Menu'. Select 'Dropdown Horizontal' as the template, click the Content tab and select the menu you created as above in the dropdown list.

Thank you :) much appreciated.

Can I ask one more question. Under Customers>Profile Fields is it possible to add a new section? I don’t mean a new field, but a whole new section. I want to add one called Measurements, and have people input their own measurement,