Free Shipping With Paypal

I have promotions setup to give FREE UPS Ground shipping with PayPal payment, but when the cart goes back to shipping option the FREE [color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]UPS Ground [/font][/color]shipping option is not selected automatically. So I get orders with the default shipping charge selected because the customer didn't click on the FREE UPS Ground. So now I have to go back and edit the order and let them know that they get free shipping because they chose Paypal for payment. This is a hassle. CS-Cart doesn't choose the FREE shipping for you . Is there another trick to this other than making FREE shipping the default or first on the list. I need it to distinguish what payment was selected then apply the appropriate shipping service to that payment type.

some simply code or ?

It seems you will need shipping methods based on payment method addon.

Anyone else have a suggestion or addon?

OOPS I didn't see you were already using a promo.

How is your promo set up ?



Payment Type: PayPal



Free shipping

Yes i did this with a promo same as you listed. Except the user still has to choose Free Shipping. I want the FREE shipping to automatically be checked.For the time being i will just make the Free shipping first on list this should work for now.

I think there has always been a problem with free shipping or rather the way CS-Cart handles it.

We had a promo once where there was free shipping for over a certain dollar amount but the customer would still get free shipping after a promo discount lowered the total payable. Annoying.