Free Shipping / Shipping Not Required

It's pretty common to offer certain types of products, like services, tickets, or any kind of non-physical goods that ship "for free" in the sense that they don't require shipping at all. It's also the case where you might want to offer some product where the company simply ships it at the lowest possible cost and doesn't offer any option to the customer (like a catalog or a sample).

I am able to set up a product that uses "zero dollar shipping" and associate a shipping method with free shipping, but then premium or expedited methods still show up alongside that free option, implying that a customer could somehow pay a little more for faster service, when that is not actually the case.

How is it possible to completely bypass shipping for a particular product? It looked to me like this was achievable by setting "edp_shipping" for the product in the DB, but this doesn't seem to have any effect.

Please check the following article

I have a similar problem I have some products that ship direct from the manufacture and only ship by low cost methods,

all these items are set as free shipping.

All free shipping item weights are set above all other shipping methods maximum limit

but all shipping options still show so a customer can select express delivery say

I have tried the use for free shipping check box option but its the same.

Hi eComlabs, thanks for that.

Yes, we do have our shipping set up this way. But here is an example of what customers see:

x USPS First Class Mail (3-6 Days) - Zero Dollars
o UPS Ground (2-8 Days) - $19.11
o UPS 3 Day (3 Business Days ) - $34.00
So in this case, the item is something that should only ever ship free, but the customer is offered two non-free options that imply they could get faster service, when they can not.
Ideally this would work like:
if (everything in the cart ships free) {
only show free shipping
} otherwise {
show other options while explaining the expedited rates apply only to items without free shipping
I think the case where you want to offer a free option for a particular product while still up-selling expedited rates would be more of a discount scenario

ok this is a pretty lame solution but if you set a very low weight requirement for all "real" shipping methods, your ephemeral products won't trigger their inclusion in the list.

Hi sitmgreg

have you tried it out I am not sure how that would work as my shipping costs are based on weight

and each method has a max weight limit if I lower that then that shipping option would not show up.

another member posted an add on link see what you think if it would solve the problem.

it wont let me add the link

Yeah I'm not sure which addon you're talking about.

What ended up working out for us is like this:

"No shipping" product weighs nothing

All other products have an accurate weight

"Ship Method A": a realtime method with a minimum weight requirement of 0.01lb

"Ship Method B": a different realtime method with no minimum weight requirement, used for free shipping

So if someone buys the "ships for free" product, they only see method B, because it's under the weight limit of method A. If they buy that product and something that DOESNT ship for free, they will see both options because the order is now within the weight requirements of both methods.

Thanks for that sitmgreg , I found the shipping add on its here