Free shipping removed with discounted promotions


I've had a searched through the forums and can't find an answer to this question, but i would have thought this would have been asked and answered before.

If i give free shipping to all customers who spend over £100, if a customer spend £150.00 and then they have a discount code for say 50% off, this would take the value down to £75.00 so as this is under £100, shipping should be applied, but it isn't.

Any ideas how i can get the free shipping to calulate on the price after all discounts have been taken into account?



Anybody have any ideas i would have thought this would be easy to fix.

I thought this may be easy to fix with assigning free delivery as a promotion but it's not due to large number of postcodes that are except due to higher postage costs.

Any suggestions, point me in the right direction?


I also just noticed this… some people really get super deals now. Which is nice for them, but not so nice for us. Am gonna have a look at this this weekend, unless someone knows the answer?

DHT, I borrowed your text and posted this to the bugtracker with another bug (or actually, more like a wrong use of a feature) that migh be connected: http://forum.cs-cart…in-wrong-order/