Free Shipping Not Working For All

I have set up free shipping above $150 and it works well until someone has purchased an item in the cart that already has "free shipping" as standard. Then it does not get added to the cart total.

People actually add to the cart to reach the free shipping usually cheaper stuff that comes with free shipping anyway, and it is proving to be a bit of nightmare.

Any suggestions on how I can get the total cart amount included ?

Thank you


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Do you mean free shipping due promotion or manual rates in the shipping settings?

I have ticked the "free shipping" box in the product, but I have set up the actual shipping costs under admin/shipping-taxes

So a certain cart total = certain shipping costs

and over $150 free

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Looks like a bug. Please post it to the bug tracker

I agree its a bug and needs to be fixed right away. It will work for a few days then stops working. We all cannot go on like this. We are all losing orders.

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