Free shipping not needed when discount code applied

Hi guys,

Would be great if any can help with this issue…

I am running an offer currently that gives 15% discount on orders over $300 however i do not want to give free shipping if a client has applied the discount code. If the code has not been applied then i want to give free shipping on orders over $199. Can any body please help! Right now my site gives both free shipping and discount.

Thank you in advance!

have the discount be a higher priority and check the box that says “don't run more rules”

How do you set priorities? Does 0 have higher priority or 1? Thanks.

Higher the number, higher the priority. For template hooks, that would mean it runs last (possibly overwriting lower priority addons). For PHP hooks, they run first.

awesome that worked for me! could you please help with another thing…I want to give free shipping above $199 only in the US except International, hawaii, alaska… But it seems like the free shipping gets applied to all the countries…anyway to fix this…sorry for being total newbie…