Free shipping label


Some of our products are free shipping,but the layout of these products are the same as the common products.Can someone make a special label on these free shipping items?






[quote name=‘brandonvd’]Try:



Hi, Brandonvd


I have read your post,but in my directory i cant find this


There is no my_changes in my addon directory. so i can
t modified the file.


I’m about to go to bed so I can’t explain the whole hook thing tonight. If you do some searching on the forums for hooks, you should get a better idea of what they are.

view_main_info.override.tpl is being called up from the hook:

{hook name="products:view_main_info"}

That hook is in:


Basically the original code is:

{include file="blocks/list_templates/details_page.tpl" product=$product show_sku=true show_rating=true show_old_price=true show_price=true show_list_discount=true show_clean_price=true details_page=true show_discount_label=true show_product_amount=true show_product_options=true hide_form=$smarty.capture.val_hide_form show_qty=true min_qty=true show_edp=true show_add_to_cart=true show_list_buttons=true but_role="action" capture_buttons=$smarty.capture.val_capture_buttons capture_options_vs_qty=$smarty.capture.val_capture_options_vs_qty separate_buttons=$smarty.capture.val_separate_buttons show_add_to_cart=true show_list_buttons=true but_role="action" block_width=true}

And the code I provided for view_main_info.override.tpl is overriding that code.

Basically, you need to create the my_changes/hooks/products folders in skins/your-skin/customer/addons

Then create the file view_main_info.override.tpl and put in the code from that thread.

You will also need to change your styles. You can do this one of two ways. You can either edit your style sheet, but then you take a good chance of it being overwritten when you upgrade, or you can use the hooks feature.

To create a style sheet using hooks you need to:

Create a file called local_styles.css and put it into:


In that file you would put whatever styles you want like the ones I gave in the other thread.

To get the style sheet to work you will also need to create a file called:

And put it into:


In that file put:

After you’re all done be sure to clear your cache. Also don’t forget to make sure the My Changes addon is installed and active in your admin.

Basically when you are all done you should have the hooks working with the free shipping image showing. And at the same time it should make it so that your future upgrades will be easier.

I hope I explained everything good enough. I’m tired and doing my best to think and type. Good luck and if all else fails, search around on the forum. There are a lot of posts reguarding hooks that explain stuff a lot better than I can.


I cannot get this to work. I searched the forum but I could not find any info that explains (that I can understand) how to get this to work. I followed the above information as best as I could but the image does not display. Can someone give me a hand or point me in the direction of some detailed hook instructions? Thanks.

I was finally able to get the image to display but now I can’t figure out how to move it :slight_smile:

Where is the setting for this?

[quote name=‘ido4self’]I was finally able to get the image to display but now I can’t figure out how to move it :slight_smile:

Where is the setting for this?[/quote]

Did you get this figured out?


I've managed to put a 'Free Shipping' label on my product pages using the method described in this thread and it works really well.

The only change I want to make is for the product name to show up at the top of the product page. If anyone knows what code I put into the hook file, I'd be very grateful (and it's not 'show_name=true' because i've tried this and it puts a link to the product page you are already on rather than just the product name).