Free shipping for products in certain category not working

We are allowing free shipping on all items in a specific category - but within the US (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). However, when we setup the promotion it always gets applied to ALL shipping addresses. We can’t afford free shipping to other countries, only in the US.



Products - in - [we select all 100 or so products]

Customer Country - equal - United States

Customer State - not equal - Alaska

Customer State - not equal - Hawaii


Free Shipping - UPS Ground


When I add one of these items to cart, the user doesn’t even get the option to select a shipping method at checkout. What if they want it overnight and don’t want to use the free ground shipping? Also, if I put any other country outside the US as the shipping address it doesn’t show a cost of shipping anywhere.

This looks like a CS Cart bug - hopefully it can be fixed very soon!

Hello sccr410,

I just found the solution to properly excluding Alaska and Hawaii. You must use AK and HI for “Customer State - not equal -”

I also added the state exclusions as another group. I’ve attached a still to show how I set it up. It also gives the customer the option to upgrade the shipping from the free method. I included a still to show what the checkout looks like from an allowed state, and one to show what it looks like when trying to ship to a bar in Glasgow.

For our free shipping we have it set up so that when they order one of the items in a subcategory called “Free Shipping” their whole order ships for free. If you’re trying to have it ship just certain items for free and charge them for shipping for the remaining items in their cart then it gets more complicated.

Hope this helps.





I was able to get this to work. The key was creating a new group for the location conditions.

The only issue is if someone orders something from another category AND one from the free shipping category - they still get free shipping. They could order a really small free shipping item then a HUGE item and still get free shipping on it - obviously not what we want.

How can I make this rule even more defined so when someone adds an item from another category, the free shipping is not given?

Read this thread: [url][/url] and then vote for the “fix shipping” uservoice idea. The link is in the last post in that thread. Shipping needs work. I see about 5 posts just today on shipping problems. CSC must address the shipping issues, the question is when will they do it?