Free Product Promotion Bug?

I added a promotion free product in cart with these conditions

Products In Large Lighted Nativity Figurine

Order Subtotal equal or greater $50

Coupon code equal free gift

In Bonuses I added:

Free Products Large Lighted Nativity Figurine

​It doesn't take off in cart look at screenshot I have one with 0 dollars and other with price.

Screenshot (1).png

Think you want to get rid of your first condition (but maybe that's what you want)????

As I read it is says

+ Only apply the bonus if Large Lighted Nativity Figurine is already in the cart and the current subtotal is > $50 and they've entered the coupon code.

If that condition is true then the Figurine will become free but then the subtotal may go below $50 making the promotion NOT true and hence then removing the discount.

I think if you remove your first condition that it will offer the figurine free if the subtotal is above $50 without the figurine. Not sure what the price of your figurine is, but if it would cause the subtotal to fall below $50, then the conditions would no longer be true and would be removed on the next cart calculation (page redraw).

i want to offer Free Products at the checkout of total Order amount. i want that each customer choose a one free item at the checkout
per Order 1 product for free
i will offer many types of product for Free with each order total but i want that customer have ability to choose only 1 item per Order.
kindly let me know if someone can help me how to do that.