Free Downloads for Registered Clients

Hi all … I am trying to do something that should be pretty simple but I cannot figure it out, I'm sure I will eventually figure this out, however a little help from someone sure would help.

My store is a regular store, we sell physical products and do not require our shoppers to log in to purchase. However, I want to offer our content as PDF downloads for free, but I want to require the user to be logged in so that I can capture his email address. Any Suggestions?


Require access to all categories to be for group 'Registered'.

When user comes to site, tell them they need to register, you review and approve and then they can see the categories.

Thanks tbirnseth, however, the problem is that I ONLY want the people who are downloading our free content to be made to log in … is there a way to do this?

Set your free content up as separate products and then have those products only applicable to the “Registered” group.

You will have to tell your clients (via a banner or HTML block) that there is free content available for Registered users. Maybe give them an example in that block that would encourage them to Register.

tbirnseth … thanks man …