Free: Cookie Policy

Hello I have inplanted my old cookie policy from my other website into CS Cart

For light background:


For dark background:


When accepted:


If you are intrested, you can download it here.

Install instruction is included.

Files infected index.tpl and .htaccess ( Few minutes install)

Hope you like it.

Live preview

For translation, edit support-opt-in.js

You can translate from line 29 to 33

The disagreeURL at line 9, i have set this to:

you can set this to wathever you like.

<br />
disagreeURL: "",<br />

```<br />
<br />
regards<p><a href="">cookie-step_2a.png</a></p><p><a href="">cookie-step_3a.png</a></p><p><a href="">cookieimg_light.png</a></p>