Free Complex Mailing Solution For Multi-Vendor Business


Running a Multi-Vendor business means sending lots of emails. You communicate with vendors, with clients, with admins and sometimes with your friends.

Which email service do you trust your business communication? There's one we would like to introduce you to - Yandex.Mail.

  • It is free to connect a domain;
  • It offers free 1000 mailboxes and 10Gb of cloud drive storage;
  • It has unlimited email storage space;
  • It has a web interface to manage accounts;
  • It has DKIM signature;
  • It has anti-spam and anti-virus protection.

Visit our blog to read more about Yandex.Mail benefits.

Or visit our Wiki to learn how to set up forwarding from the server.

Or! We will connect your business to Yandex.Mail service if you become our client.