Free Blackberry Credit Card Processing Application

Last December we did a CS Cart implementation for 1st National Processing (link below) and have since developed some mobile phone credit card processing applications.

The BlackBerry version is completely free and supports Authorize.Net and Paypal Web Payments Pro. I figured since our CS-Cart brothers and sisters here are likely to use one of the two gateways mentioned above, that you might appreciate the post.

The following are the relevant links:

1st National Processing Mobile Page -

Mobile Merchant Pro (download site) -

Finally, on the BB Version, we included the ability to change the Authorize.Net URL for those of you who may use Authorize.Net emulators. We don’t publish this on the feature set, but you may find it helpful.


Just a quick followup. For those of you with Android devices, there’s a free download now available as well. Again, if you already have Authorize.Net which I know many of you do, this is all you’ll need to accept credit cards on your droid :slight_smile:

FYI… we made the iPhone version of the Credit Card Processing application free as well. So, for those of you who already have an Authorize.Net or PayPal WebPayments Pro account, you won’t need anything else. Enjoy.