FREE ADDONS: "Auto-matching Grid","Fluid Layout" for CS3

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Can you please also tell me how you have added on homepage those blocks with 5 products… i am trying but unable to sucess.


Please look at the picture


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So i just got the lazy loader. can you tall me what the treshold in settings is?

and this newsletter thing you got here how do i make that :o) looks rely nice


thanks m8


  1. about treshold:

    [url=“Lazy Load Remastered”][/url]

  2. add a page and assign custom block(page block).

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Please look at the picture


Thanks mate… It is now showing :D

Please also tell how you have added Free shipping , Sale, New tag… It is very professional… I m loving it… :)

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Yes, We have completed the jqzoom addon, clouldzoom is good but we have no choice.


Where can I find the JQ ZOOM add on/

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Where can I find the JQ ZOOM add on/


Also [color=#3366FF][font=Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=3]Product lables addon. [/size][/font][/color]

and if you can the pre-order mod?

Next version will supports fluid layout (width: 100%)…

update fluid layout addon.


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and if you can the pre-order mod?


it has been done but not so good.

Why does you addon add text to the footer?

Furthermore, where do I remove it again, I removed your add-on purely because you add your web address to the footer.

NVM, i figured out where to remove the footer text

hello albert ,im using your "IECSP Fluid Grid Layout" at the moment,its great ,thank you.

But the site header is still fixed width while other parts of the site is full width,do you have any idea ?

you have two addon of “IECSP bluid grid layout” and “IECSP Auto-matching Grid” ,i think they are similar,but which one is better for full screen width ?

thank you.


Could you update CS-Cart 3 Free Addons - Auto-matching Grid to 4x?

Thank you