Free Addon To Fix The Recent Http/2 Bug

All services that use Google API's now respond with HTTP/2 headers (Paypal, Recaptcha, etc.). They will fail in cs-cart (though responses to your browser will succeed - I.e. Javascript). For instance Recaptcha will return a green checkmark, but then you'll get a message that the code is invalid when you try to proceed.

Since cs-cart is not willing to generate an addon to patch this issue on their product, I built an addon that will address the problem and apply the patch. It will patch any site that has app/Tygh/Http.php where the HTTP/2 header fix is not applied.

You can download the addon at:

Hey Tony. I'm getting a 404 with that URL. Can you please check it?

Please use the following URL

Hey Tony. I'm getting a 404 with that URL. Can you please check it?

Sorry about that. Had a '.' instead of '_' in the path. I've updated the original post.

Hi Tony

CSC 4.7.1

I installed your addon in the hope that it will fix my Lighthouse http/2 errors. Unfortunately it did not, and in testing my website post addon installation, and clearing cache, I am told that I do not have http/2 running. Is there anything I may have done wrong, or perhaps it does not work for my version?

I get a message whenever I logon to say there have been core file changes...?

Perhaps I am misunderstanding the function of the adddon.

I don't have access to a 4.7 site to review. It's a pretty simple change and only deals with headers returned from requests. It's not YOU who use http/2, but whomever you are making the request to. They are responding with a header not recognized in your version of cs-cart. This simply adds the handling of that header to let their response complete.

Thank you, I clearly misunderstood it's purpose. So much to learn!

When I do a lighthouse evaluation on my site it comes up with "30 requests not served via http/2", which helping to kill my "best Practice" score. Is there anything that I can do to address this or is it beyond my control? This is what I had thought your addon would remedy.

I have no idea what lighthouse is doing or expecting.