Free Addon To Create Individual Product Codes From A Single Product Code (For Multi Part Products)

Hi Guys and girls,

we had this custom module made specifically for us by Cart Power (excellent work by them I might add) because we needed to be able to sell a single product, using a single code which was actually made up of parts with multiple part numbers. Think of a souped up version of "Buy Together"

For example, we sell a motor and a gearbox, but the problem for us is that while it's all under a single part number, its actually made up of the motor, the gearbox, the coupling, the spider and the rubber boot! All these parts have their own codes which we need to account for with each sale of the item.

Normally this isn't a problem because your accounting package will take the code and break into its individual components, but if you use something like Xero then you'll find by default it can't do this.

The problem began for us when we purchased Xero accounting software, which is hooked directly into our cart. The inventory management in Xero by default is VERY weak, but there are third party modules available to increase the capacity of the inventory management but these cost a small fortune per month to use (the cheapest being $150 each month!)

Obviously we didn't want to pay that when we could have a custom module made for us, and so we decided to go this route and had the module custom built and can do the part number management from the cart's side.

The module works really well and will work with cs-cart V4.3 through to the latest version of the cart.
It may work for earlier versions of the cart (v4.1 or 4.2), but it hasn't been tested under any version below what we were using when we had it built (4.3).

It was really well made by Cart Power and all the bugs we could find in the module were all fixed by Cart Power, so I think it's pretty well free of bugs now. If you DO find bugs however, please report them here so that I can have the module fixed.

In the spirit of helping the community, we are giving it away to others who may need this as the development costs for it were very high, and so we hope that it may be useful to others to help you save some money if you need a solution (just like we did)

Installing it is as simple as copying the files to the standard directories.

If you use this a thank you would be nice and will make us feel better for the amount it cost us!

Thank you for the contribution.


This sounds great! But can we look at how it's implemented? Can you post a link to some products using it in your store or something?


Well, Its just been pointed out to me that Cart Power is actually selling the module that we paid them to create... Not very nice.

You can get all the information here

Yea been there before, its standard practice, to put cost of development on someone then profit from result of tenth of the price o others…

It is quite good idea actually, I do sometimes sell product groups but as a single product called “Lot of 5…”


Group SKU wholesale1 consist of products price 100$

product1 price 22$
product2 price 22$
product3 price 22$
product4 price 22$
product5 price 22$

What will happen to wholesale1 if product 1 to 5 gets out of stock?

Hmm, copyright dilemma. Do you own the code to be able to give it away? Just don't want to step on toes...


BTW, I think it's a very nice community contribution. Thanks!



It's not an addon we bought from them, its an addon we paid them to create for us, to be able to do whatever we like with. I have no problem with them selling it, but I am annoyed that they didn't ask us first. It wasn't their product to sell.

I always give away stuff I pay to have made to help grow the community and I appreciate other store owners that do the same. The whole idea behind us paying to have it created was to solve a problem that we had and to also help others that may be in the same situation as us. When you give back, you help the cart community grow.

The more people that use the cart, the bigger everything gets and the more that is available for all of us.