Free Addon: Shipping Availability 4.1.x

I upgraded ShippingKits Shipping Availability Addon to 4.1.X, it works lovely, everybody enjoy, really had a good time making this addon go -Sno

v4.2.1 compatible version added, make sure you download the correct version !


Thank you a lot for the effort.

Can you provide us more info on what this add-on does?

I cannot find the original info.


I just found this desciption from the site (i wrote it be4 with an s at the end)

[quote]The addon allows to add shipping availability messages to products (e.g. “Ships in 24 Hours”, “Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days”). The messages can be assinged to particular products or to all products in a category or subcategory.

Shipping Availability add-on for CS-Cart gives clear understanding to your customers of what shipping times are, you just need to define appropriate messages to your products or categories to let your customers know about Shipping Availability of your goods.

Shipping Availability messages can be easily assigned to particular products or to all products under a category or subcategory. Once messages are assigned they appear on products list, product details and shopping cart pages.


Good job!!!

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I upgraded ShippingKits Shipping Availability Addon to 4.1.X, it works lovely, everybody enjoy, really had a good time making this addon go -Sno




local test

cs cart versiyon 4.1.2


administrator login

the input problem categories

C: \ xampp \ htdocs \ shop \ app \ addons \ shipping_availability \ controllers \ backend \ on line 23


showed photos

note: is it just me?



Sincerely …

oops I fixed it, addon updated - Sno


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:grin: [color=#FF0000]testing[/color][color=#FF0000] super work [/color]


addon wait

Sincerely …

Can not get it to work. 4.1.2

How about 4.1.3 support?

Another nice one Sno.

This is very nice.

From what I can see, the customer will see this message in cart only, but has to click message “Click here for more details” to read my message.

Can I disable having to click so that the message is just shown all the time?

It should be shown on all the product details pages, maybe clear your cache and let me know if it shows, Thanks - Sno

No its not on any details page. Which is ok for me, but if I could edit the code to display message in cart/check out without having to click drop down, That would be great.

Can I do this?

Will this work on 4.1.5 version?

It works with 4.2.1 FYI.

Strange it doesn't work on 4.1.5 how does it work on 4.2.1…!

I am on version 4.2.1 and it doesn't seem to work. I installed and when I added a message and then added that message to a product the product doesn't display it on the product page.

Any ideas?


I attached the 4.2.1 compatible version to the first post - Sno


Thank you very much. I uninstalled the previous and uploaded and installed the 4.2.1. I still cannot get the message to show on the the storefront on the product details.

What am I missing?



Hi Adam, well I'm sure you cleared your cache but if not try that a few times. If it is still not working after clearing cache let me know and I can look at it for you - Sno


Shipping Availability 4.4.2