Free Addon - Search By Product Code For Cs-Cart 4.x

hi CS-Cart society,

The first free add-on from Simtechdev has come and it adds useful improvements to the standard products search:[list]

[]it allows to search products in the customer area and administration panel by product code;

]in the administration panel it adds the search type for the main query input field - “Any of these words”, “All of these words” or “Exact phrase” (this feature presents in CS-Cart 2.x and 3.x);

[*]in advanced search in the administration panel and store front it adds the “Product code” check box to the “Search in” section for the main query input field;


From now your customer and administators can search products faster and that's great!

Download from our official site


Works great! Thanks.

I was having nightmares about entering all the product codes in the “Keywords” section of every product. Not sure why cs-cart doesn't make that default in the first place. Although I was already able to search by product code in the admin.

Thanks again!