FREE ADDON: Newest products from same category on product details page

Hi there fellow members,

This addon list products from same category order by popularity on product details page.

All you need to do is just to check the Same category checkbox in admin area under design/blocks/products

In action can be found here the block is called “Alte produse care v-ar interesa” and the addon can be downloaded from here.

I hope that helps,


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Thank you very very much, i implemeted it right away

@katoikidio you're welcome

Let me know if everything went fine

Hi Vali,

I have installed this addon but i cant see block anywhere.

What going wrong?

CS cart ver. 3.05.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @majerfra,

Please keep in mind that the addon can be used only on the product details page

I just tested on 3.0.3 professional and working fine and should also working on 3.0.5

Please follow the instructions again


Vali, Nice addition to the Products Block: “same category” checkbox!

But, because I run the cart without tabs (so all the description, reviews, features, etc appear on the same page) adding a 4 grid block at the top of the page looks kind of silly on the rest of the page.

Didn't you publish a method to add a block to the Main Content without putting all the tabbed content/description into a 12 grid?

Thank you @Magpie Don

Please try http://forum.cs-cart…__fromsearch__1

or PM the link i will found a solution

That's the one, Thanks Vali!

Thanks Vali nice addon

In order for the addon to actually select the “newest” items from the same category I had to change the parameter in the function of this addon so it selected timestamp rather than popularity:

on line 16 of func,php you had:

$params['sort_by'] = 'popularity';

I changed it to:

$params['sort_by'] = 'timestamp';

edit: it does appear as though the sort_by parameter could be removed entirely from the addon's function and that the default sort_by is timestamp (for newest products). The 'popularity' sort though was definitely throwing off the results and was not displaying the newest items.

Is there a way that we can group the product list by “manufacturer” or “Brand” like this image below?


yes, can be done, please PM me

thanks Vali !

Updated addon for cs-cart 4.x can be downloaded from here

[ Tested on CS-Cart: version 4.0.1 ULTIMATE (rc) ]

I hope that helps,


Hello Vali,

Btw, do you have a version of this addon compatible with 2.2.x ?

This would be wonderful. This addon is one of the many ideas of essential marketing features lacking in cs-cart front-end…

Thanks in advance.


You can download from here for cs-cart 2.2.x

SEO URL auto changed Problem after this install addon Vali. any idea ?

tested in 3.5


I try to use your addons 'same category' on cscart v4.0.1 and I have troubles

My list of new product always show products from other category ?!

It's seems for me that the conditions you write is not applying on the get_product requete or functions ?

The store was not open and for confidentiality reason I don't want to put it on forums.

Thanks for your help if you have time or a way to find some solutions for this trouble.

Best regards


I can confirm as mmovies stated already, im running 4.0.3 version and addon does not work, it show all the lattest products instead of ones from the same directory.


Will this work for 3.0.4?