Free Addon: Info Popup for customers

Popup Info addon can be used for all general messages for the customers, he uses cookie sow the popup can be seen only ones, in the archive can be found also installation steps.

Can be downloaded for 2.2.4 / 3.x / 4.x from here



part of


nice addon but I have 2.2.5 versiyon how make this addon

i have update the post with link to download also addon for v2.2.x ;)

Great. Will try your addon :)

Nice addon, I already made some mods to improve functionality.

I added a Test Mode for the admin so it doesn't rely on cookies while testing it out. Later today I am hoping to add the referring URL so it can popup different messages based on the referring URL.

Your addon works in Ultimate, but currently I have to be in All Stores to edit its settings. Does anyone know how to get it to have different editable settings per storefront?

@Triplets you can delete the cookie popup_info or you can close the modal window by clicking close button for testing purposes

I added:

Test Mode



and then changed the code to look if testmode=1

Much cleaner than deleting a cookie.

@Triplets this is a pro solution and i have added to the addon, instead of input i have added a checkbox and also i have added a extra field, width, witch will help to custom even more the modal window

Very nice additions.

I will be working on the referrer later today. My goal is to use this to popup different banners to advertise different promotions based on what referrer one came from.


Triplets for your question about separate settings by company, you need the layout attribute set to “separate”. This value is inherited so the scope can be the “settings” or an individual “section”. This should allow different settings per company.

@tbirnseth thank you, i have add the code also in addon

any suggestions or requirements?

For the addon itself (functionality), no. Not really my forte.

thank you anyway @tbirnseth

Thank you @Vali for sharing!

You're welcome @Tim Hensel, @oemill

Great addon. Thanks Vali for this addon.

The instructions say to create a text banner. I am wanting to have a newsletter signup form and an image in the popup - will this be possible?

Hi @spikeadelika,

You can add the image into banner content and the form also

Hi Vali,

How do I change the text on the little button from “OK” to “No Thanks”

Hi @spikeadelika,

Please change
Ok: function() {$ldelim}
"No Thanks": function() {$ldelim}
"{$lang.popup_info_close_button}": function() {$ldelim}

and add popup_info_close_button as language variable