Free Addon: Google Remarketing

Hi guys,

just another small addon that can make your life easier, if you want to use google remarketing in your Google Adwords Campaigns.

If you do not know Remarketing then I suggest you read this and try it!!!

So if you want to try this you wont need to add any code to the shop. Just fill in the fields from the code Google gave you in the Admin area under the Google Remarketing Addon and thats all.


Just install it the usual way: copy files over to root, install via Admin.

Give it a try and let me know.


[] (for use with ssl)



Great! Thanks! :)

Hi flow

If you test it please share your findings.


I don't really understand how hitting people who have already visited your site with ads is going to improve your sales. When I see these kind of ads the first thing I do is log out of google because they annoy me. I could see it work say if the way a time lapse of a month or so but as it is it's just a way for you to waste money imo.

I agree kickoff. Google is going ballistic nowadays and if they don't catch their snap soon, I will be doing away with them permanently.

Looks like it uses third party marketing cookies (i.e. Google) which are not essential for the operation of the website - so probably subject to UK / EU Cookie regulations - don't fancy having to explain to customers why such cookies are being used and why they keep on seeing our adds.

I wouldn't want to discourage sharing of addons though - especially free ones! There are no doubt applications where this would be appropriate.

Well I have to say that the customer who came to me asking for that Addon, is already having a major increase in sales!

Yes sure I sometimes find it very annoying, products or services that I already visited or even already bought in an earlier time, following me from site to site, but don't forget people are no experts, and as my specific client told me, he had questions from people asking how much money does he spent on google, as he is everywhere!

So it's a matter of perspective I think.

I for once have never used it personally for my services, but I think there is specific retail areas that can benefit from such a campaign.


Fotis, no disrespect intended in my last post. I think it's great you are helping the community. I just wanted to vent a little on Google in general.

Hi TheTool

No problem, I agree with you, on that, I only ment that things have more perspectives, and the fact we talk for those things it's great by itself.


Honestly I hate tracking adds and stuff and I don't use them (yet?). But they do work… that's the annoying thing.

Is this compatible with v3.01Pro?

Certainly full kudos for sharing, sorry if it came out as a rant thanks a lot dvsgr !

Hi there,

no problem. I find it nice that we discuss things and not just “thanks”…

I havent test it yet in version 3. Let me get back to you on that.


Is it compatiable with 3.02 Ultimate?



Not yet.

But soon!



Many thanks for your work!

Will try it and see…

Just installed in my 2.2.5 store.

Thank you for posting! Very simple to install and works (checked my page source coding an it is in there correctly) :mrgreen:

Now if I can figure out these Google Remarketing lists and how they go with the ads.

It used to be so much simpler with free Google shopping and basic adwords.

Thank you dvsgr!

Hi Tim

glad that you found it useful.

Yes Google has it more complicated these days. Just follow the About setting up your data segments - Google Ads Help and maybe a few youtube videos …



By any chance is this working with Pro 3.0.3?

Problem found with this add-on. :-(

I was getting lots of complaints basically saying ‘Your website, it is hard as hell to checkout on’ … I could not understand what they were referring to. Finally too many people were complaining about my PayPal checkout. Once the PayPal place order now (or something like that) button comes up (STEP 4 of checkout) and when you click some customers were getting a popup error saying this site is not secure. Then it would wipe out their checkout page data and they would redo, but keep getting that error which would wipe out the checkout page contents.

Further investigation I had seen that in Chrome, no problems…But IE9 would show ‘Not all content secure’ on the SSL pages and FireFox would say something is wrong with the SSL certificate and not to trust the site as all data is not encrypted.

Finally I figured it out … The Google Remarketing add-on was causing this. :?

I guess it is calling the scripts but in http: and not https: … Not sure why but disabling the add-on now and everything is again okay.