FREE Addon for exporting order details

This is one of the minor things that you may or may not need or want. For us, we needed to be able to export the “details” of each item on an order. For example, if the customer ordered a t-shirt and one of the options was “blue”, we needed to know to ship the blue t-shirt on our paperwork.

Here is the basic description:

This mod is meant to be able export the normal PLUS the item “options” on orders.

Here are the basic details:

  1. The ability to export product name and product description to the “Order items” section on the “Export” page in the back-end.
  2. The ability to export product options in the following format (in the “Order items” section on the “Export” page):

    Product options: : VARIANT NAME; : VARIANT NAME;

    Example: Product options: : Add 3 decks of cards; : Add 4 decks of cards;
  3. Only the option variant will be exported. The option name will not be exported.
  4. The import function was not changed, only the export.
  5. Designed as an “add-on” mod that allows users to easily be able install on their site.

    This mod has been tested in Internet Explorer 6+, FireFox 3+ (for Linux and Windows OS), Safari 2+ (for Mac OS) and Opera 9.5+ (for Linux OS) browsers.

    We know the mod works for CS. 2.1.2 - 2.1.4.


Thanks a lot clips :slight_smile:

I did just realize that I forgot to mention that the alt-team did this mod for us.

Also, this may seem like something simple, but it really seems like any “order export” should include all of the order information…including the color of a shirt or other “options” that a customer may have chosen.

Of course the easier and better way would be for CS to include this simple and logical export in all releases of CS-Cart. I just would not imagine there wouldn’t be enough votes on uservoice to get that accomplished. :slight_smile:

I have said many times that features like this are what let the cart down

slightly. Various things all related to options are a problem for me. The 2 main ones are

Qty discounts

Having them add options together to give the qty discount should be std ( I mean why should you have to buy 10 in red to get the qty discount and not 5 blue and 5 red)

Adding to cart

It would be better if there was an option for the admin to choose the add to cart method, the std one as it is now or a block/table type where small med, lge, exlge sizes can all be sent to the basket in 1 go. See table1.png below

(this avoids a customer having to choose all the options then add 1 to the cart, then they have to change the options to add the next to the cart etc) takes a long time and puts customers off.

Force option selection… well this has its own problems which are somewhat related to the adding to cart problems above, but isnt ideal.

These are a couple of main points that I feel would help the Cart gretaly and no doubt improve the sales of the script itsself.

I have paid CS Cart for Mods to fix these things (and yes lost them in upgrades) but also have managed to implement some from the help of members.

So whats the business plan with you CS, is it keep it as it is and make money from doing Addons/Mods that need changing for new versions or improve the Cart so it is the best for all users as std and sell more in the long run??


All told I have probably pumped over $3000 into CS cart coffers just on modifications alone, either directly myself or through 3rds parties who have been laising with them. I can think of 1 particular Mod that was dead in the water till I pumped About $1000 into it through a 3rd party and it doesnt even work properly for me. Yes I have had contact etc but still no joy and no firm responses.

HMMM maybe Ive just answered my own question!! about the business plan.

Anyway Rant over…back to work.:slight_smile:



Just tested this mod on 2.2.1 (Community Edition) and it worked fine. Once we are done testing on the community editions we will begin to test on the professional.

This is brilliant!

How does it work with 221 and 222 Professional?

If only I had the time to try exporting to iif quick books format!

Please add a donation button. Once tested we are always happy to donate for contributions!



What is that you just showed in the screen shot? :o

We need to talk!!

I think it is great how clever everyone is on here and how so many people are willing to share their hard work!


We have been using this mod on 2.2.1, 2.2.2 Community Edition and Professional. Still works great so far.

We do not accept donations or sell the mods we have created. We try to offer them to the community on an “as is” basis. There are many others who donate mods to help the community too. It was seeing those who offered them that prompted me to offer the ones we have created. This way I guess you can say it helps the community as a whole and doesn't just sit on my server.

Many thanks to Brandon (brandonvd) for his willingness to donate mods recently, which inspired me to do the same. Many have done it over time and many have helped make CS work better for various people.

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What is that you just showed in the screen shot? :o

We need to talk!!


That was a method of adding size and colour to basket together of something similar I require

Excellent and thank you very much, your community spirit is to be commended.

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Excellent and thank you very much, your community spirit is to be commended.


This is great! If anyone is like me and requires the Option Name (i.e. Size, Color be included) so it displays like this: Clothing Size - Medium; : Color - Black;

edit: addons/export_orders_additions/schemas/exim/


$result[] = $v['variant_name'];


$result[] = $v['option_name'] . "- " . $v['variant_name'];

hey, just want to say thanks on your contribution its been a great starting point to what we need, ive added to grab order data such as address etc… but the last thing i cant seem to work out is grabbing the category name of the product ID - any ideas on how i can do that?

really appriciate your time


this is exactly what i was looking for! thanks a lot for contributing this little tweak for free!!

Why my excel result display like this : {product_options: {8221: “26249”, 8222: “26250”, 8227: “26265”, 8159: “26100”, 8170: “26125”, 2772: “8872”, 3168: “10125”}, base_price: “166.99”} ?

Hope someone can help me, thanks.