Fraud Warnings? How about giving us the choice of status on failure

Hi folks,

The anti-fraud plug-in changed its behavior unannounced (as far as I can see, if it’s in a changelog somewhere please let me know where to look.)

The anti-fraud plugin used to leave orders at the ‘Open’ status when they failed. Now instead they default to ‘Incomplete’ - however, the new default Order display window now does not include Incomplete orders in that view. As a result, I ended up with several angry customers and lost customers who placed an order, got a message from the store - but then their orders fell through the cracks because no one realized they were being set as incomplete instead of Open…

This behavior should really be configurable - fraudulent orders should be ANYTHING BUT hidden from the default order view. That’s just insane. No one should have to dig in order to deal with potential fraud issues.

Don't think it has anything to do with the anti-fraud addon. That is an addon that utilizes a 3rd party service for identifying blacklisted IP addresses (among other things).

Incomplete is the first status that an order is set to during the order processing process (used to be back-ordered). If everything verifies okay, then it moves to the open status. If there is a payment processor and the payment process completes successfully then the order moves to processed.

It's been this way for about a year.