Fraud from Miami, FL 33166

I’ve had a few orders recently from the 33166 zip code, and the customer used a stolen credit card. I’m working with PayPal Pro to figure out how they got through. In the mean time, is there any way to block that zip code or an IP address range (same for these orders) from shopping or placing orders?

I would not block the zip code however what we do is only ship to the billing address and we always require a signature. This really helps and has cut our fraud down to zero.

If one does slide through then as long as you shipped to the billing address and received a signature you are sure to be refunded from your card authorizing agent.

This has been our case at least as we have over a few thousand dollars in fraud charges and all were shipped to a different address, one we made these changes, we have not had one as of yet. Not to say it wont happen but if it does at least you have enough to get refunded for your loss…

This was what Intuit & advised me to do and told me it would be hard to not collect those funds from the card companies if I can show proof sent and signed at billing address…

Good tips. I don’t think this particular store admin will go for this idea though. I’d still like to figure out how to block a zip code or IP range.

Did you try this?

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

You might check your security and risk settings in PayPal > Profile section. Also, start using and for your larger orders. Believe it or not, when I called PayPal about a suspicious order, the rep said to check out the buyer online before I ship the order. In my TOS, I say I have the right to ship to the billing address instead of the ship to address is different. Always use a tracking number. If you use UPS or FedEx, you can have a shippment returned before it is delivered. We’ve had to do this before when a person did a chargback once they received our tracking number.

My advice to drastically reduce fraudulent orders is to pay the measly $5/month and use the Anti-Fraud Add-on which uses Since using MaxMind our chargebacks have been reduced by well over 70%.