France, Metropolitan Shipping Issue

So I’m trying to figure out an error when a customer tries to checkout that is from France, Metropolitan. When they checkout, they get the error:

This transaction cannot be processed. Please enter a valid country code in the shipping address.

I checked the country codes and they are:




France, Metropolitan

Which all seem correct, but the cart is producing this error. I thought about removing France, Metropolitan as a country, but from what I’ve read, the shipping is different between France, Metropolitan and France and that things will get screwed up.

I also thought about changing FX to FR so that this will at least work, but I’m not sure if that is a good solution either.

Any ideas?



Metropolitan France is a region, not a state or province itself.

Most likely that you are using 'Europe' for the same terminology?

either way, France must be set as 'FR' to be utilized correctly by credit-card companies.

Pays FRance = FR

06-11-2012 11-36-10.png

Just delete that entry. France is France, and with zipcode and city it will work.

Yep, that is my recommendation too. What is strange is that the cart is technically right, but USPS just doesn't want to recognize it.

Thanks for all the help,


Postal code = 5 numbers 51450 or 02100 for example

Code postal - Tous les codes postaux de France / DOM-TOM - Vues satellites de plus de 35.000 communes - ABC-Lettres par l'Obs

51 or 02 = département

450 or 100 = code city

I have some issues while placing orers from France. When some one place an order from France (not all orders) it shows the shipping and VAT is zero. Some shows correct shipping and VAT. I have registered from UK same as the customer in France, france address and placed a similar order. For me it shows proper shipping charge and VAT

Ths was happed few times for only France orders. Any idea?


French > Europe = VAT Unless the company provides its VAT number

Google Translate :

European companies subject to VAT have a Tax Identification Number (TIN) also called EU VAT number, and issued free of charge by the tax office after getting your SIREN.

Your VAT number and that of your business customers established in another country of the European Union, should be included on your invoices.

Commercial transactions with a company in another European country, billing can then be exempt from VAT in order to simplify administrative procedures.