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[quote name=‘snorocket’]I don’t even know what a warez site is [/quote]

Come out of the dark ages mate :stuck_out_tongue:

All X-Cart releases contain link back codes, of that a few releases down the track had per-user tags emedded in the source code. Explains why if you allowed a preview version for a client.

Hahaha… I’m wondering if they’ll ever find my x-cart account to ban, ironic in that I’ve been the least active on X-Cart forums.


Please be noted however that it does not apply to your ability to use our software on your sites and receive our services. You are our client, all your licenses are valid and we are prepared to provide you with tech support or development services if required. You will receive security patches if any for your X-Cart versions.[/quote]

Effectively we stick something up your **** and will hold you ransom… Sorry but our decision is final.

If that doesn’t spell a reason to compete I don’t know what does :smiley:

well…no one got ahold of our licenses and even if they did we removed the license tracking capability and removed their affiliate paypal id anyways…lol

[quote name=‘snorocket’]well…no one got ahold of our licenses and even if they did we removed the license tracking capability and removed their affiliate paypal id anyways…lol[/quote]

Lol Paypal affiliate :smiley:

Hell, write something up and I’ll post around.

good business keeps good customers happy :smiley:

[quote name=‘lawnmowertech’]is that a grimlin in your picture or is that one of the critters from the movie the critters ? calvin[/QUOTE]

I didn’t see an answer to this in the thread, but it is actually the thing from one of the Harry Potter movies…can’t remember the name…Whirly/Wormy or something like that :smiley: But it is from Harry Potter and shows up at the house that Harry’s relatives have him at and comes to warn him or something like that.



[quote name=‘ETInteractive’]Well, its pretty safe to say I’ve been on board with CS now and have basically left X for good.

I started this thread after being banned by X.

here is their official reply to my questioning my account status.

Enjoy the laugh[/quote]Did you write them back?

Something like:

Dear Vinogradova,

Thank you for your email informing me that I no longer have access to your forums. This pleases me because I can’t get away from your company fast enough. Your products and service are mediocre at best. Your policy of severing ties if a customer even looks at another product demonstrates that your company management is paranoid, lacks maturity, and is incapable of producing a product that can be compared against a competitor. Instead of focusing on making your product better, your company wastes time and resources seeking out customers that aren’t living up to an artificial standard imposed by your company. Customers aren’t the ones that have to live up to your standards, your company needs to live up to theirs. Because you don’t realize this, I’m not walking away from X-Cart, I’m running.


One happy CS-Cart Customer :razz:


Nice one. ahah

I have set up 2 websites with X-C.R.A.P. When asked to help with security upgrade, they have quoted 700USD. Explaining that cart have not been modified in any way, didn’t help much. Just different language was the problem. At the end of the day, with some help from forum users [thank you guys!] I’ve managed to perform 2 successful upgrades in less than 30min with no errors.

Since then, I stay away from them and no more money will go that direction. With all add-ons, templates, custom gateway I spent 1800USD. I repeat - no more. Goodbye X-C.R.A.P.!

Unfortunately X-Cart (and LiteCommerce) rank well in Google. CS Cart should increase their SE positions.

Indy, please make a new thread in future, this thread has been dead since February

[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’]Indy, please make a new thread in future, this thread has been dead since February[/quote]

Ok, sorry.

Ehh Indy, you troublemaker :wink:

X-C.R.A.P is much longer on the market, sold more copies and have more distributors. Give CS guys some more time :wink: