Forum Reading Preferences

Hello moderators,

I can see that the forum is setup to list discussion posts in chronological order, that is, latest post at the end. I'm not seeing any options in my Profile to change that, to read latest posts first, is this forum feature not allowed per user setting? (Perhaps it is and I didn't notice).


Not that I'm aware of. Note that these are generally discussion forums so reading backward, you might loose a lot of context and/or ask a question that was previously addressed.

Note that you can set Custom filter

I don't know why this and the other forum for the Russian community draw the attention of many software developers. Both forum engines are lacking many features of the traditional forums. For instance, here, one cannot get on-site notifications of new answers to your topics and posts, so I have to peruse all new posts - which is time consuming. New personal messages are not indicated - for all these things, you have to open your mail, which is tiresome...

Many years ago, my friend, who happened to be software developer, told me that to be a software engineer, one must have IQ 55, not more. ;-) When I read the message above "Go to the last unread post" which leads to the post I have just written and of course read, I cannot help recalling these wise words...

Funny story Imago, maybe your friend is right, we must wait and hear developer opinions about having to have IQ of 55 and not higher! hahahaha :mrgreen: ...but you know? When I am having trouble with forum modifications, I wish I too, had an IQ of 55 :mrgreen:

eCom, I don't see that option in my profile, perhaps you, as a CS partner may have more options enabled. Forums do have ample options to give groups and particular members every type of permission.

I am new here, so who knows, maybe it is best if I get familiar with threads before jumping to the end, maybe I learn more, maybe time to change old habits.

When you "follow" a topic you have the option to set real-time notification. Those notifications come in email.