Forum - Bulletin Board Integration


I am considering buying CS Cart for software sales site.

One thing that I haven’t seen is CS Carts ability to link to a bulletin board system like phpbb, vbulletin, smf, etc.

It can obviously be done because it is being used here.

But what is the process and how would it be done, is there an add on? Is there something CS Cart that facilitates this?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


I’ve got the same question. I have a shopping cart with cs-cart and would like to add a forum. I’m less concerned about the look and feel but would like to allow users to use their cs-cart registered login on vbulletin.

Is this possible? Maybe this is a side project??

I’m not sure about using the same login for both your store and forum. I think you would have to export your customers from your store and import them into your forum software.

In terms of software, you have 3 or 4 options. You can use Fantastico to integrate a forum. However, you will still need to design it to correlate with your store.

I’ve done this with both a forum and blog for my website, and have not had any issues.