Forum Built-in CS Cart?

Hi guys,

I wonder if there is simple way to set up a forum in the cscart, just like a part of cscart ? i mean, just like the “news” part, visitor click the news section but still in the shopping cart site.

Thank you.

Hi londonman,

Keep in mind that cs-cart is a cart software, so asking such a function ( an no cart direct related function) is going to make it look like …joomla, wich I personaly tried to get out of my life, when it comes to serious bussiness.

I would personaly go with a subdomain like and use a specialized software for that ([url=“”][/url]) just like this forum. Then put it as a banner or link to your menus and you are set to go. You get more functions, security for your store, and no performance issues.

i know that you have to do moderation twice, but each tool is for a purpose.

Then again this is my opinion.

Cheers, Fotis

I agree with Fotis…

If you're worried about registration, it shouldn't be to hard to share usernames & passwords.

Also check this, might be interesting for you (we choose this route over a forum): [url=“”]Great Q&A script you should use (free!) - Hints & Modifications - CS-Cart Community Forums

thank you Fotis and Flow, thank you for your replies.

I am wondering how to insert a forum to the shopping cart, as i saw some shopping combined the forum and the shoppingn site together, so that the buyer can login his / her account only one time that he / she can join the forum for discussing or post a thread about the order.

There is no need to sign two account in one site, which make buyer sick sometimes for it is really boring, specially for some inpatient buyers.

hi, Fotis, i want to show you a screenshot for your reference,

From the attachment, you can see that the forum is still in the shopping cart. Is there anyway to do it ?

by the way, the domain is

i am checking your post now, Flow. :)

actually, i would like to have a forumm in the shopping cart, wherever people go in the forum. At the top or bottom, there shopping cart menu should stay with the forum.

how to get it work ? :confused: