Forms Support Added To Ez Auto Mailer Addon

We added support for auto-mail upon form submission.

Do you have clients who request information, materials, quotes, etc. via forms? If so, you can now setup auto-mail to send them an email at some time after they submit the form.

For instance, if a customer requests a fabric swatch, you might setup auto-mail to ask them how it worked out for them or whether they need any additional swatches. For something like this, a 5-10 day delay would probably work best. Another great use is simply to follow up about their rating of your customer service after a contact-us form submission.

It all uses the same interface as for other types of auto-mail such as purchase, purchase of specific products, purchase of more than an amount, new customer registration, etc.

Documentation is located here and the product detail page for purchase is here.

We also fixed several small defects that have been reported. As usual, if you are a current customer, your addon will be updated automatically.