Form email are not being sent

I have just moved from a unmanaged vps to a managed vps (running cpanel) both are hosted at

cs-cart ver.2.1.1 sends out the invoices and status changes to customers correctly, but we have three forms that have now stopped working? 1st form “contact us” 2nd form “Support our retailers” so we can find them a local store, and the 3rd is to enter our quarter photo contest. I have tried changing admin/setting/E-mails method os sending from sendmail to SMTP with authentication. order invoices still fine forms not. I have check the forms email address. they look fine. Not sure were to go from here. Hope someone has an idea.

update: customers get invoice emails, our people with address from the same domain do not.


David DeWitt

Ok tried another test that may help figure this out. I change one form's email address to a gmail account. It worked then. But if they are to an account on our domain they don't work.

thanks for any help,

David DeWitt

Contact your webhost, most likely due to either SPF/Domain key's not being generated OR your system is RBL'ed (Realtime Black List)

Or your spam filtering is working and your smtp/mailer environment is not correctly signing messages or your PTR record for your IP address does not match the name of your domain. Hence the messages are being treated as spam.