forbidden Error my file

i have a problem with this error ( forbidden : You don't have permission to access /var/wachar/qty/qty.php on this server )

it didn't work properly how can you help me on this because is working without any problem.!!!

best regard

It is a server issue relative to permissions. Ask your hosting provider for help.

i am root user and i check all files and folders permission and set them to 777 ,but i have problem anymore…

can anyone help me?

best regard

I had the same problem…what you need to do is go into each sub folder and manually set the permissions to 777. I have found that in some versions of LINUX that, even though you set the root folder to 777 you need to drill down to each folder and set those same permissions to each enclosed folder.

Hope this helps.

If you use suPHP as your PHP environment, then 777 will cause problems. There are many other posts that discuss correct permissions based on your hosting environment. Usually your host can help you get it right. Having directories 777 is a great entry point for a hacker to deposit files into your site.