Forbidden Combinations still letting users select combination

I have a product that is setup with 4 options to let users create a photo. They select a standard size from a drop down 8x10 for example. A frame option radiogroup, and now I added two more select menus one for Custom Length and another for Custom Width.

In the forbidden combinations I have two combinations setup

The first is set to allow any variant from the standard size select, but no custom length or width variant, and any frame size is allowed. This should prevent them from select a custom length and width since they have chosen a standard size from the drop down

The other combination allows any custom length, width, and frame variants but no standard size variant.

When the page loads all 3 select menus are disabled. I tried a few combinations with no luck. Is there anyway to set this up? Or will I need to create a new product which has the custom length and width?