forbidden combinations - shouldn't this work?

I have a product that's a sample product where I've attached the same global option 5 times (to select 5 different fragrances). In my fragrance global option I have 1 option for fragrance-free which alters the price of the product. For my sample product, I don't want the fragrance-free option available for selection, so I went into my options for the sample product & clicked Forbidden Options & created one that showed “Any Variant” for the color option, then selected the “Fragrance-Free” for the other 5 fragrance options. Wouldn't that mean the fragrance-free option wouldn't show in any of the dropdown options when viewing the product? If so it's not working for me. Did I configure it correctly?


Try doing what you are trying to do, but use allowed options. Personally, allowed options with the options being sequential is a lot easier for me to wrap my brain around, but it might just be me.



Hi Brennie

I found the problem with CS 3.4 CS3.03 the works

Here is the versionCS 3.03







This is an addon that is causing


Here's what I'm doing:

I have an option of fragrance & an option of color for every product.

Color only has 2 variants, “add color” & “dye-free”.

The fragrance option has nearlyt 300 variants, 1 of if is “fragrance-free”.

The “fragrance-free” variant reduces the product price when selected.

I want to exclude the “fragrance-free” variant from about 5 products because it reduces the price when selected. So for my sample-pack products, which are already discounted, I want the fragrance-free option to be disabled.

My exception style setting in General Settings is set to hide exceptions.

My product options settings are: Options type: simultaneous & Exceptions type: forbidden.

In my product Options tab I click on Forbidden Combinations & create a new combination. For one product as an example, it's a 5-pc tin sample pack so there's 1 option for the color & 5 options for the fragrance (1 for each tin candle). In the new combination, I select Any Variant for the color because it doesn't affect the other selections. Then for each of the 5 fragrance options, I select the Fragrance-Free, because the fragrance-free is the forbidden one.

But when I test view the product, the fragrance-free still shows up in all 5 fragrance drop-down menus for this product.

Ok I think I figured it out. Instead of creating ONE forbidden combination, I had to create 5 - 1 for each fragrance box, & chose the fragrance-free in one position on each & any variant in the others.

Yes this is what you must do for each ban.

you can check this small bug in 3.0.4 ?