Forbidden combinations in pages

Hi to everyone.

i have a product with a lot “forbidden combinations” and all combinations appear in one page.

the problem with this is that the page can’t load sometimes.

is there a way to make the “forbidden combinations” to appear in pages as the “option combinations” do.

does anybody know at least the file that forbidden combinations are so that i can take a look to find something.

Nobody know?

i saw that the admin/views/product_options/inventory.tpl that is the product combinations, has the

{include file=“common_templates/pagination.tpl” save_current_page=true save_current_url=true}

i copied that and pasted it in the exceptions.tpl in the same directory but nothing happened.

i don't know what else to do,

please if someone knows something because i have many forbidden combinations and the page can't load.

i can't add or delete something.

i managed to display the pages numbers on top and bottom putting this code in


$exc_count = db_get_field(“SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ?:product_options_exceptions WHERE product_id = ?i”, $_REQUEST[‘product_id’]);

$limit = fn_paginate(empty($_REQUEST[‘page’]) ? 1 : $_REQUEST[‘page’], $exc_count, Registry::get(‘settings.Appearance.admin_elements_per_page’));

in the product option exceptions section.

and in skins/my_skin/admin/views/product_options/exceptions.tpl this

{include file=“common_templates/pagination.tpl”}

the problem now is that although I have managed to display the pages

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all combinations reappears on one page.

sorry this is the image